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Post  Shadow Darkrai 101 on Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:42 am

The following is subject to be updated at any time, which will be noted by the date in the topic title. Please ensure you try and keep up to date. Art tutorials are also present at the bottom of this post.

Note well that any image that is above Pg-13 is subject to deletion and a warning. If you are not sure about your image, send it over to a mod and we’ll tell you. We do have kids here and we rather not have parents throwing a fit because of excessive material.

The main forum rules also apply here. Please refrain from bumping your threads unless it's one you frequently use but so you do not amass anymore than three posts one after the other. If you just finished a new work and want to post it without bumping your thread and it is within one day of your last post, edit your previous post and put it there.

You may request for your thread to be closed, deleted or moved at any time. This includes the title of your thread being edited but please try to get it right first time wherever possible Smile Remember you always have the option of PMing a user yourself if you wish to ask a question.


This part of the forums is for the posting of artwork from digitally made to traditionally or even 3D works. This ranges from fandoms like Pokemon or Sonic to original works of your own. It is asked if you do post from another fandom that is not Pokemon, please note the fandom in your first post just in case a member gets snarky for it being one they do not like. It is asked that all sprites, comics and requests go in their own sub area and are not posted here.

If your thread is an art thread but contains sprites you have created yourself within the first post, the thread will be moved to the sprite area so please keep that in mind. This however is NOT vice-versa. If your thread is a majority sprite thread and started as such, all images will be deleted and you will be informed to post all artworks in the fanart area and not sprites.

Photography is not allowed in this area but if say you have an image but no scanner or trying to get a sculptured work/model then you are allowed to use the camera.

It is requested that you ensure you put up works of reasonable quality. By that I mean works that you have spent time and care with and are not five-year old style scrawlings or stick men.

Finally by posting, you accept you will get critique unless you clearly denote you do not wish for any. Please don’t start whining because you’re not working perfection and somebody posted critique to help you improve. There is no quick fix, no easy route and no amount of flaming people will make it. You want to get better, you have to WORK for it.

As an example, the following is something I did for a project on DA. I’m not exactly brilliant with Photoshop so it’s a little messily put together. Still, it shows a range of artwork and how I’ve improved over the years. This is just to show it is possible, it is a big file though so you have been warned:


1) Attachments and the showing of artwork

Please note: Attachments are NOT big enough to hold art files. Don't even try because the server will not let you. Not even a sprite could pass the size limit.

To post your picture, link to it from another server via the http:// link. It is preferred that you do not post the picture as an image but rather link it because if your picture is too big, it will not be very fun to load for those with slow connections.

Please exhibit some common courtesy and please direct link your images instead of showing them as the image itself.

You may use gallery services such as Deviantart but please link by url and not your gallery url. By posting the gallery your link will be deleted.

It is requested that if linking to a gallery, please state, which it is be it Side7, DA or another. The reason for this is because some people are not able to access certain galleries for a range of circumstances.

If you need a place to upload your files that is reliable, try the following websites:, Webshots, Photobucket,

More will be posted, as they are proven reliable. The minimum services on all three sites are free.

2) Artistic nudity Vs. Pornography, ratings and a violence note

Artistic nudity is allowed under certain conditions. Always note that there is a difference between "artistic nudity" and "pornography".

Artistic nudity is basically a picture that idolizes the body, perhaps in a drawing of a pregnant Pokemon. This can be showing beauty in artistic form.

Pornography is showing off of private areas rather mindlessly that doesn't have much artistic value and aims rather to, er, arouse someone rather than give them eye candy. Generally these are also questionably positioned a well

Also, the "direct link your images" rule in artistic nudity is a MUST. The reason for this is if someone accidentally clicks on your link and right there in their face is a picture of nudity, which would be especially bad if they were underage and of course some people may feel offended.

A small warning to say it contains such artwork would also be advisable for this and anything that goes along the realms of violence, just in case. If you are unsure if your artwork would be acceptable for view, just pm a mod and we’ll clear it for you soon as possible.

For violence, I do not mean Pokemon battles or people whacking each other, this is more into the realms of maim, blood and generally that direction. The maximum rating for the fanart area is Pg-13, if you are at all concerned please pm a mod and ask.

3) Stealing, copying and tracing images

Stealing is bad, even ILLEGAL and will not be tolerated.

It is no excuse if it's art from someone's site, art done by a friend, or just stolen and lied about. Don't even post art from a friend you got permission to. If they want to post their own art, they can sign up and post it themselves. A picture falls into the stolen category if you basically claim it as your own or don't give credit for it.

Stealing from someone will monger you an instant warning and possible ban if you are notorious for crime in the art forum.

Tracing will no longer be allowed on the forums for the main fanart area even if you credit. Overlays can be used to test any images that cause concern before a decision is made.

You are welcome to make a copy of an image as long as you credit the original creator or if you don’t know, say you used a Trading Card, please credit the series such as Magic the Gathering and note that it was from the trading card for this example.


4) General Official rules still apply.

However, double posting is permitted only for updating your fan art thread with new work twenty-four hours after your previous post. You can always edit your last post before then. (:

5) Try to stay on-topic.

Self-explanatory. Try not to ask someone "how they made a picture" or if the topic has digressed, don't keep it going by adding on. Get back on topic because we don't want to have to do a mass deletion of stupid posts. If somebody has gone off topic, report it, do NOT reply.

6) Mod-whoring/Mini modding is looked down upon.

That's right, you heard me. Let the mods do their job and you do yours. We know that your heart is in the right place when you tell someone "you spammed!" or "your picture is illegal!", but posting in that manner is, believe it or not, considered spam. Contacting a mod to take care of the problem ASAP is the best option you have.

Use the "Report Post" button if you think there is something wrong with it, or if trouble begins to brew and there's no mods around to assist you. If you want a quick fix, you can even swing by the chat and ask for one of the active Mods, S Mods or Admins to help.

7) Use your common sense.

If a post or situation is questionable and not listed here in the rules, think about it for a moment. If you don't know whether to post something, think: "does it contribute to the artist?" "is it beneficial to the forum?" and other sorts of questions. See things from both sides, and from others' perspectives.

If you think people will react with hostility towards your post or you are unsure if your post is spam, it most likely is/will be. If you're still DYING to post though you're unsure of it and are afraid of breaking a rule, contact a mod about it and see if it needs corrections.

More will be added soon.
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