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Post  Shadow Darkrai 101 on Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:52 am

If you wish to host a contest of some form here, please pm a moderator ensuring you state the following.

When you intend to start if approved
When the deadline is going to be
What type of contest with it be
What the rules are for your contest
A thank you

We may ask further questions and have a right to accept, decline or request a delay depending on how many is running. If accepted, ensure you pm us again with a link to it so it may be stickied. It will be again checked under quality though of course if you pm in the middle of the night to that time zone (For example, I'm in GMT so if a pm reaches me at 3am I'm very unlikely to notice it) there may be delays in dealing with them and the poorer quality contests.

Pestering does not make it get approved faster and means its more likely to be declined

Winner of each tournament will get 500 bonus points added to there Avg. battle points rank.
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