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Post  Shadow Darkrai 101 on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:49 am

1. No spreading rummors
2. No Chatspeak! (Such as Y@! Ye$!) Or leet/1337
3. No swearing
4. No Spamming
5. Not reading important stickies
6. Saying thing inapporpiate
7. No Harrasing
8. NO ART THEFT, this includes fan-fics too.
9. Be polite
10. No Multiple accounts
11. No Double posting
12. 3 Guilds/Clubs to a person that they can join or create
13. No PMing people about "HAHA I bet you at the arcade you suck!" Because that's mean and they already get a auto PM about their score being beaten
14. No mini-modding! (Acting like a mod, like telling them not to spam, even if it's a new member, we'll give the verbal warning. Use the report button!
15. Not reporting just because he/she is your friend
16. No scamming people
17. No going off-topic
18. This is an english only forum. No other languages.
19. No one word posts.
20. No advertising your websites, except in your signature.
21. No mega huge signatures
22. No posting adoptables/collectables of any site, keep them in your signatures. (PP, Whimpsters, Dragon Cave, Dragon Adopters, etc.)
23. No adding chat rooms without prior permission to admins
That should be all for now, more will be added later.
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