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Post  Shadow Darkrai 101 on Tue Jan 01, 2013 3:24 am

Please note, if a thread contains artwork AND sprites in the first post where the sprites are clearly visible in the first instance, it will be moved to this part of the forum. If you want to show artwork of whatever sprites you've made later on, put them in the correct area and link back in both threads. Don't be lazy, gets you more attention and gets you less infractions for stupidity.

You may request for your thread to be closed, deleted or moved at any time. This includes the title of your thread being edited but please try to get it right first time wherever possible Remember you always have the option of PMing a user yourself if you wish to ask a question.

Finally by posting, you accept you will get critique unless you clearly denote you do not wish for any. Please don’t start whining because you’re not working perfection and somebody posted critique to help you improve. There is no quick fix, no easy route and no amount of flaming people will make it. You want to get better, you have to WORK for it.


The following is considered acceptable in this part of the forums though there are others, these are just some visual examples:

Re-colours – The re-colouring of a sprite. Please ensure re-colours will not blind anybody who happens to see it.

Revamps - Something that is not simply a recolor of old shadings on a sprite. To do this the sprite needs to be to emptied out and then filled it in with the advanced sprites colour and make it look like the advanced sprite as much as possible.

De-vamp – Reducing a sprite of say the current D/P gen to that of the R/B/Y gen via pixel and colouring method.

Pixel Over – The taking of an image, emptying all inside the line work it then re-colouring via pixels to get it as close as possible to the original. T is asked if this is done that credit is given that it was from a Trading Card or the artist if you are able to find out who did it.

Fusions – The meshing of two or more different sprites to create a brand new one. For quality sake, please try to make it not look as though you have copied and pasted pieces onto one another.

Alterations & Re-Elementing – Altering an original sprite such as giving it wings, turning it into an Chao, egg or pokeball for alterations. Re-Elementing is the transformation of a Pokemon sprite into a new type such as a Togetic, normally er Normal into a Ghost type. It is asked that you credit the source of where you got the base part of the sprite.

From Scratch – A sprite created from scratch with no other sprite used in its creation.

Fakemon – The fusion of two or more sprites with the intention to create a brand new sprite that is like an pre-evolved form or evolved form or is completely unrelated.

Maps/Towns and Buildings - Created using new material or existing to create a region or area. If you use pre-existing material please ensure they are credited from where they were taken.

Trainer Card - The latest development from the R/S/E in usable terms to show badges and Pokemon. It is requested that where elements you did not create yourself are concerned the original location is credited.

Fake Screenshots - Creating a random scene of battle, wanderings or contests as a few select examples. It is asked any elements you did not create yourself are credited.

Overshades - An overshade is when you use more than the offical 3/4/5 colours, instead 6/7/8+ colours are used. The following overshaded sprite belongs to Yami Ryu.


1. General Official rules still apply. However, double posting is permitted only for updating your sprite thread with new work twenty-four hours after your previous post. Otherwise, edit your previous post.

2. Please do not make any requests in this forum. If the creator is willing to take them they can always make a thread in the requests forum and link it to their first post.

3. Do not steal sprites from other people or claim official as your own. You will be found and risk a ban. If you are concerned something may be stolen, report it and we’ll check it out.

4. Do NOT post images in .BMP format. Current posts with images that are .bmp are allowed just so it doesn’t cause trouble for the user. You are quite welcome to link the sprite off via link though it’s usually preferred to have the sprite in view since they are much smaller than artwork.

5. Absolutely no Projects are to be posted without permission from a moderator. If you’re just by yourself, please get it checked out anyway just in case but if it’s two or more people then it must be cleared first.

We will ask what you intend to do, your intention for sticking with it to be absolutely sure. If it is cleared it is requested that you kept the bulk of them in the first post though you will have permission to say “This is the latest” as well.

6. No posting loads of threads for your sprites. If you thread dies (Say been inactive for over a month or so) then by all means.

Also concerning this, please refrain from posting anymore than 3 times in a row with sprites. Ensure there is a day or more between each of your posts, if it’s less then edit your previous one. This is to prevent constant bumping.
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